Railfan Canada Post Cards

A selection of steam photographs from 1994 and 1995 Train Card Collector Series that feature 8 Post Cards from each year. Each set includes 4 CPR and 4 CNR post cards in a large 4 x 5 7/8-inch format with a discription on the reverse.

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NEW!! From Railfan Canada!! New Colour Postcards!!

  • No. 17 - The Winnipeg Water District train
  • No. 20 - CNR Speeders
  • No. 18 - The Winnipeg Water District Mack car
  • No. 19 - The Prairie Dog Central train at Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • No. 21 - VIA FP9A 'The Canadian' at Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • No. 23 - Diet Pepsi Taste Drive train at Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • No. 22 - Car Ferry at Windsor, Ontario
  • No. 25 - VIAs 'under glass' at Winnipeg, Manitoba

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